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Comfort is evolving. The perfect addition to any dental practice.


Seamless interaction with body and workplace

The new T7 stool interacts smoothly with the anatomy of the body, making the dentist’s work easier by aiding proper posture at all times. High-quality materials and innovative design ensure treatment is always performed under optimal conditions. Its dimensions match the spaces available in a surgery, yet also leave full freedom of movement.
A comfortable seat - made of soft, easily sanitized material - helps dentists maintain proper positioning of legs and back during treatment.


The stool that streamlines workflows

The T8 stool offers perfect support, even during long treatment sessions, while allowing full freedom of movement in every direction. Adjustment and personalisation mechanisms streamline adaptation to the surgery layout and enhance operator efficiency. The fully independent armrest can be rotated 360°. The seat is comfortable in any position.


Perfect support for dentists

The T9 stool is the last word in ergonomics. Thanks to revolutionary saddle-like geometry, the T9 combines a very small footprint with unmatched comfort. The vertical, open position of the legs makes it easier to approach the patient and maintain proper back posture. This reduces fatigue, even during prolonged treatment sessions. Beneficial effects. Careful shaping ensures bodyweight is distributed optimally over the seat. This results in a more natural, relaxed working posture that keeps concentration and energy levels high.