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Turbines and Contra angles

Contrangolo EVO E4

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra angle can be autoclaved and heatdisinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for endodontic treatment in reciprocating mode and with use of the integrated apex locator.

Contrangolo EVO R20L

The EVO R20L contra angle, which has a 20:1 gear ratio specifically for surgery, can be autoclaved and heat-disinfected. It features an internal cooling system and external spray, plus LED lighting with an integrated generator.


Six silent yet powerful models of highly advanced turbine, plus a broad range of ergonomic contra angles that meet all clinical needs, from conservative dentistry to implant surgery and endodontics.


Micromotore i-XS4

The i-XS4 is suitable for implant surgery. The software allows precise, safe control of speed and torque (which, with the EVO R20L surgical contra angle with 20:1 ratio, can reach 70 Ncm).


Scalers SC

Ultrasound scalers, compatible with the best commercially available tips, for supragingival prophylaxis and periodontal tasks. Also suitable for the preparation of small cavities and usable in endodontic root canal cleaning techniques. Available with or without LED lighting.



Disponibili a 3 e a 6 funzioni, sono caratterizzate da una forma ergonomica. Il corpo siringa, in metallo, e il beccuccio, disponibile in versione diritta e angolata, sono smontabili e autoclavabili.