S Serie

The S Series is a range of dental units in which the patient chair and the unit body are attached to each other and the movements of patient chair and unit body are synchronised.

TR Serie

The TR Series is characterised by a free-standing unit body, independent from the patient chair and its movements. TR series models provide dentists with optimal ergonomics, stability and plenty of space.

TRC Serie

The TRC Series, thanks to the suspended patient chair, really opens up the operating area. The new S380TRC dental unit features an innovative patient chair that provides unique comfort and accessibility.


Evolution aims at perfection, finest details and rigorous constant improvement. Stern Weber’s DNA is based on the wonders of technology, on enthusiasm for innovation, on the strength of genuine novelty. Rigour and precision are the key aspects of each new product, and the shapes of new design infuse such products with life. We believe in flexible working, in the perfection of true talent, in the importance of concrete steps being made towards true progress. We foresee the future today to guarantee a more innovative tomorrow.

Your talent inspires us.




Watch the video on the new S380TRC dental unit!

Discover the new S380TRC dental unit

Exclusive innovation.The new S380TRC dental unit features a patient chair that is in a class of its own: synchronised movement of backrest and leg rest, powered retractable footrest.

                        Discover the new S380TRC dental unit

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Right on the cutting edge of digital technology, the powerful microprocessor handles all the functions and systems on the integrated treatment centre, which the dentist pilots via the Full Touch control panel.
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