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Improved performance


From basics to best

With all the intrinsic qualities of the Stern Weber brand, the S200 model, which includes a version for orthodontists, has been designed to maximise patient comfort. The ergonomic concept provides the dental team with ample space, ensuring treatment is performed efficiently and fluidly.

S200 goes well beyond the usual standards and provides the very latest Stern Weber-developed innovations: it can incorporate a full range of optional easy-to-use functions and specialist instruments to take professional development to the next level.

Thanks to the broad selection of hygiene systems, instruments and optional multimedia applications, dentists can customise the S200 to suit their individual needs and enjoy the full potential of numerous cutting-edge devices.

i-XS4 FLUO micromotor

Even lighter and lower-noise, this micromotor is now available with FIT technology. Allows faster, more precise removal of old composite in teeth that need to be retreated. With orthodontic or aesthetic treatments, bracket removal is simple, safe and effective.

Working comfort

For example, the optional LCD touch screen control panel and i-XS4 micromotor provide the dentist with a full complement of endodontic functions, including control of the apex locator with data display during canal treatment.

EVO E4 contra angle

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra angle can be autoclaved and heat- disinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for traditional endodontic treatment and with use of the integrated apex locator.

Apex locator

With the dedicated contra angle, the apex locator allows the apex distance to be displayed during the root canal instrumentation phase. The nearing of the apex is also indicated by warning buzzers. To enhance safety, micromotor rotation is automatically disabled when it is reached.

Venus Plus

Supplied as standard, the Venus Plus operating light rotates on three axes and puts out a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjusted light features a soft-start function and has a colour temperature of 4900K. Two LED operating lights are available as optionals.

Venus Plus – L LED

The Venus Plus – L LED, with light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux and a colour temperature of 5000K, incorporates a no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer.


The high- end Venus LED MCT option has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity. It is also possible to use 3 colour temperatures so users can select the right lighting for their specific clinical disciplines: a 4300K warm light for surgical treatment, a 5000K neutral light for conservative dentistry and a 5500 K cool light for realistic colour capture. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux.
A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field, from 55 to 85 cm, reduce the need for the dentist to reposition the lamp during treatment. What’s more, “composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite polymerisation.

Flexibilidad perfecta

En términos ergonómicos, S200 Continental ofrece la máxima flexibilidad para adaptarse fácilmente a los distintos estilos operativos de los odontólogos. La bandeja médico es compacta y ligera, las mangueras de los instrumentos se alargan para no crear tracción en la muñeca y las varillas están equilibradas y no interfieren con la lámpara. Gracias a su consola touch con negatoscopio incorporado, el médico gestiona las funciones habituales de odontología conservadora leyendo los datos esenciales y los parámetros operativos en el display alfanumérico.

Working comfort

In addition to the smooth handling that lets the dentist’s module reach all the usual around-patient operating positions, its design makes for a more orderly work area. To enhance convenience even further, dentists can add optional elements such as the sixth instrument and X-ray viewer. When placed in their holders, instruments are supported securely and arranged diagonally to optimise ergonomics. The syringe is positioned vertically at the start of the handpiece holder, ensuring a good grip.

Orthodontic essentials, uncompromising Stern Weber quality

Tailor-made for orthodontists who want a hindrance-free work area, this model focuses on the essential: dentist’s module complete with instrument control panel and display on the assistant’s side, a large tray holder on a pantograph arm and the option of incorporating a 22” LED monitor to share the various stages of patient treatment.

Patient sensor

An optional sensor located between backrest and seat detects the presence of the patient for the purpose of statistics processed by the Di.V.A. virtual assistant and contributes to sustainability through a number of automatic settings.

Memory Foam

Exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options.

Installation versatility

Built to allow for connection with existing floor outlets, the chair features a connector positioned directly under the leg rest or under the front of the unit body.

Atlaxis headrest

The headrest that follows the patient’s anatomy. Ultra-simple fingertip release of the pneumatic lock allows orbital movement to achieve perfect positioning, vertical adjustment included.

Nordic backrest

This option ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and is shaped to aid dentists who work in ‘indirect vision’ mode.

Integrated multimedia system

The best of Stern Weber technology for HD images and precision diagnostics

C-U2 HD camera

The video camera aids dentist-patient communication and, thanks to slender handpiece design, can reach distal zones with ease. Excellent depth of field avoids any need for manual focusing. Speeds up diagnostics and generates material with which to document treatment and complete clinical reports

22” LED monitor

Full HD 16:9 tilt-adjustable 1920 x 1080 pixel flat screen medical monitor can be lead-connected to a PC. A multitouch version where the screen can be positioned as desired is also available.

RXDC - HyperSphere technology

Incorporated on the dental unit, the X-ray unit and handheld control unit require no additional installation points. Thanks to a combination of 30 cm collimation and a 0.4 mm focal spot, parallelism is excellent and images are pin sharp. Locked and unlocked by touch-sensitive pads, the tube head rotates freely around the spherical joint.

Zen-X X-ray sensor

Extractable sensor with USB lead located on the dentist’s module, can capture high-resolution images with minimal radiation dosage. Able to be sanitised, the sensor comes in two different sizes and is IP67 certified against water and dust infiltration.


Automatic system that carries out suction system sanitisation cycles between one patient and another. Practical and fast.


Activated via the control panel, the device ensures tubing is kept clean after the machine has remained idle for a time. Included in the BIOSTER or available separately.


Continuous Peroxy Ag+ (H2O2) based disinfection system (compliant with EU standards and DVGW certified) and air gap separation device between mains water and dental unit circuits. Acts against all water-borne contaminants, including Legionella.


Tank with distilled water as an alternative to mains water.

Your talent inspires us

Stern Weber’s DNA is based on the wonders of technology, on enthusiasm for innovation, on the strength of genuine novelty. Rigour and precision are the key aspects of each new product, and the shapes of new design infuse such products with life. We believe in flexible working, in the perfection of true talent, in the importance of concrete steps being made towards true progress. We foresee the future today to guarantee a more innovative tomorrow.