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White Paper: hygiene regulations


Hygiene regulations and specific tasks to be performed to ensure the surgery is operationally efficient after a prolonged period of closure.

Before a prolonged period of closure it is good practice to perform a specific set of pre-closure tasks. If, for whatever reason, they have not already been performed, it is recommended that they be carried out, in any case, before re-opening the surgery.
As you are aware, the goal of surgery hygiene is to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from one patient to another, to surgery/dental lab staff, and vice versa.

These suggestions aim to make this goal as achievable as possible by ensuring the workplace is, upon reopening (when a further set of tasks is performed), ready and efficient from day one.
The main goal of these few tasks is to empty the tubing, making sure no water is left inside dental units and circuits.
Doing so prevents the formation of biofilm in the internal circuits of the equipment, thus limiting any proliferation of bacteria.

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