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Uncompromising versatility for today’s specialists


Surgical S Cart to practise implant surgery in whichever room suits you

One of the situations faced today by dentists is the increasing need for flexibility. In a clinic with more than one treatment room, you may have one room equipped for implant procedures, but it may not always be free. You can’t shift a dental unit from one room to another, but you can move a cart around. However, most cart solutions are not equipped to provide the performance required to practise implant surgery, so you are back to square one!

Stern Weber’s surgical S Cart has everything you need for implant surgery and endodontics, and it’s mobile.

Featuring a quick coupling for the floor-mounted connections box, the surgical S Cart can be used in more than one room of the surgery and integrates a full software suite for implantology and endodontics, including reciprocating mode. The 7” HD touch screen control panel provides crystal-clear information and manages all systems including peristaltic pump, apex locator and displays torque curves on the colour screen.

In addition to monitoring the torque delivered by the micromotor, full-curve info provides valuable clinical support, and to complete the data set, implant tightening torque is also recorded. Data can be exported via the USB port on the Cart.

From brushless micromotor to integrated software, the Cart also has all you need to practise endodontics, even with instruments in reciprocating mode, with a pre-loaded endocanalar bur library.

Discover how Surgical S Cart is ready for all your specialist needs.