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A new-generation operating light


Dentists want lighting that's perfect for every possible clinical requirement. Whether they're performing surgery, treating dental caries or effecting colour capture, dentists need to be able to select just the right lighting.

As of today, Stern Weber completes its integrated treatment centres with the Venus LED MCT. MCT stands for Multi Colour Temperature, a solution that responds to every need with a specific colour temperature setting. There are three different settings, optimised for different circumstances: a 4300K warm light for surgical treatment, a 5000K neutral light for conservative dentistry and a 5500K cool light for realistic colour capture. A fourth setting is also available to prevent premature composite curing. In composite mode, the 430-480 nm wavelength range is filtered to slow down the activity of the photoinitiator, thus allowing, in addition to good operating zone visibility, more time for modelling the materials.

This new operating light has a colour rendering index (CRI) of more than 95 on a scale of 1-100, a factor that ensures ultra-high colour fidelity. Venus LED MCT is supplied as standard on the S380TRC, S280TRC, S320TR and S300 and as an optional on the rest of the range.