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At the forefront of technological development


Featured on four of the integrated treatment centres, the new Full Touch control panel with a 7” multi-touch display is designed for clinical environments and resists water and accidental impact. 

Available in two versions – Clinic or Multimedia – the control device incorporates a powerful microprocessor enabling full control of all integrated systems, providing all the data required to operate confidently and offering plenty of scope for personalisation. Extremely user-friendly, the control panel used on Continental units also features screen auto-rotation so it can be positioned as desired.

Full Touch allows the dentist to control the operating modes of each individual instrument and view data in real time. The turbine, micromotor, scaler, curing light and camera settings can all be adjusted for the specific needs of each type of dental treatment and customised parameters can be saved in the individual operator’s profile.

On the Clinic version the control panel shows data relative to conservative, endodontic and implant treatments and lets users control patient chair movement and manage the integrated hygiene devices. Opting for the Multimedia version, dentists benefit from optimised image quality and video display with HD resolution. Dentists can use the USB port to upload/download diagnostic images when the integrated multimedia system is present.

All the elements used for endodontic treatment - such as brushless micromotor, apex locator, databases listing nearly all commercially available endocanalar burs, ENDO control mode - are integrated into the electronics and control software. During endodontics treatment the display provides key data, with dedicated user-friendly information easing and speeding up workflows while enhancing efficiency. Dentists can also choose to perform, by using special files, treatment with instruments in reciprocating mode. When present, the integrated electronic apex locator displays real-time data on the 7” screen, ensuring safety and accuracy at all times.

Selecting IMPLANT mode turns the Full Touch control panel into a surgery-dedicated interface. Implantologists are provided with everything needed to perform treatment, significantly speeding up workflows. Controlled via the Full Touch control panel, integration of the peristaltic pump on the dentist’s module eliminates the need for any further modules or carts around the patient chair.

The control panel also allows dental unit functions to be upgraded with ease when required.