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Improved performance

Surgical Cart

Maximum performance, minimum size

To give dentists the freedom to express their hard- earned specialist talents, the Surgical Cart incorporates advanced instruments, a touch screen panel with latest- generation electronics and dedicated systems/software for implantology and endodontics.

Available with a standard or quick coupling for the floor- mounted connections box, the Surgical Cart can be used in more than one room of the surgery. Simple and safe, the coupling-decoupling mechanism provides dentists with greater organizational flexibility.

The Surgical Cart can be configured for traditional endodontics or reciprocating-mode instruments. For implant procedures, instead, a peristaltic pump and torque curves are available, as are specific references for implant procedures.


Featuring an instrument module that can be raised or lowered with ease, the Surgical Cart with quick coupling can be moved from room to room. A convenient handle makes positioning easy and the 7” HD touch screen provides crystal-clear information. Managing the instruments, clinical programmes and hygiene systems couldn’t be simpler.

New instruments for perfect conservative work

Stern Weber instruments, designed together with the electronics that control them, combine user-friendly operation and maximum precision. In addition to a broad selection of turbines, contra-angles and ultrasonic scalers, the new brushless micromotors feature innovative technology known as FIT (Fluorescence-aided Identification Technique). This highlights the presence of composite materials thanks to the fluorescence emitted by a special LED integrated in the instrument. Moreover, thanks to its broad emission spectrum, the new curing light is optimized for latest- generation composite materials.

FLUO micromotors (i-XS4 and i-XR3L)

Even lighter and quieter, these micromotors are now available with FIT technology to detect composite materials. They allow faster, more precise removal of old composite in teeth that need to be retreated. With orthodontic or aesthetic treatments, bracket removal is simple, safe and effective.


The new curing light has an emissions spectrum that allows optimal activation even of latest-generation composites. Ergonomically advanced with the characteristic swivel grip, it features a new user-friendly interface.


From brushless micromotor to integrated software, the Cart has everything dentists need to practice endodontics, also with instruments in reciprocating mode. During endodontic treatment, the display provides key data on a dedicated user-friendly display, making workflows faster and more efficient.

Reciprocating mode

As an optional, the i-XS4 micromotor performs a reciprocating movement with alternating rotation to carry out treatment with the relative files. This mode is controlled by the pre-installed software.

ENDO database

A pre-loaded endocanalar bur library is available to the dentist, who can perform treatment with either traditional or reciprocating instruments. The application that allows reciprocating movement is optional. The endodontic file brand names are not owned by Cefla or any of its subsidiaries.

i-XS4 micromotor

Extremely powerful, light and versatile, the i-XS4 is suited to conservative and prosthetic dentistry, endodontics and implantology. Combines reciprocating movement with alternating rotation, a mode controlled by pre-installed software. Fully autoclavable.

EVO E4 contra-angle

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra-angle can be autoclaved and heat- disinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for endodontic treatment in reciprocating mode and with use of the integrated apex locator.

Apex locator

With the dedicated contra-angle, the apex locator allows the apex distance to be displayed during the root canal instrumentation phase. The nearing of the apex is also indicated by warning buzzers. To enhance safety, micromotor rotation is automatically disabled when it is reached.


Precise, powerful and user-friendly, the integrated implantology system provides - in concert with the Full Touch Multimedia display - a valid alternative to a stand-alone surgical micromotor. The software controls both micromotor and peristaltic pump, provides the dentist with visual references for implant procedures and documents the treatment to provide clinical support and exportable documentation.

Torque curves

Cart users can record the torque curves during treatment. In addition to monitoring the torque delivered by the micromotor, full- curve info provides valuable clinical support for any subsequent treatment on adjacent or contralateral teeth. To complete the data set, implant tightening torque is also recorded.

EVO R20L contra-angle

The EVO R20L contra-angle, which has a 20:1 gear ratio specifically for surgery, can be autoclaved and heat-disinfected. It features an internal cooling system and external spray, plus LED lighting with an integrated generator.

Peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump, controlled via the Full Touch control panel, is integrated into the dentist’s module, eliminating the need for any additional modules or carts around the patient chair.

i-XS4 micromotor

The i-XS4 is suitable for implant surgery. The software allows precise, safe control of speed and torque (which, with the EVO R20L surgical contra- angle with 20:1 ratio, can reach 70 Ncm).


In addition to providing everything needed to practice endodontics and implantology, the Cart can be provided with a quick connector for the power supply box. With one box in each room, surgeries can use just one Cart, moving it from room to room as needed. This reduces both the initial investment and maintenance costs. Note also that the non-transferable Cart lets dentists make optimal use of stand-alone patient chairs; alternatively, it can be used just for orthodontic practices.

NFC connectivity

This uses a chip integrated in the dentist’s module and an IP68-class bracelet. There are up to 20 memory slots, each containing a full set of work settings. An efficient, innovative solution for multi-operator clinics.

Safe holders

Instruments are ergonomically arranged with the syringe in an upright position. The holders are designed to contain the instrument even if it is put back incorrectly. A T-LED curing light can be added as an optional sixth instrument.

Quick coupling

The hard-wearing connector is designed to provide immediate mobility and a secure connection to the power supply box, without any work on the part of a technician.

Fixed connection

The version with the standard box connector provides plenty of operating space and the potential to perform advanced endodontic and surgical treatment, letting dentists get the most from a stand-alone patient chair.

Smartphone-like friendliness

Clear, intuitive graphics to help speed up treatment times. Smartphone-like operation makes for an extremely simple, up-to-the-minute user experience.


This device performs automatic spray circuit flushing; perfect between one patient and the next or if the machine has been idle for a while.


Tank with distilled water as an alternative to mains water.

Cleaning the display

The control panel can be disabled to sanitize the glass surface of the display, thus preventing unwanted activation of controls. Moreover, disposable covers are provided.

Your talent inspires us

Stern Weber’s DNA is based on the wonders of technology, on enthusiasm for innovation, on the strength of genuine novelty. Rigour and precision are the key aspects of each new product, and the shapes of new design infuse such products with life. We believe in flexible working, in the perfection of true talent, in the importance of concrete steps being made towards true progress. We foresee the future today to guarantee a more innovative tomorrow.