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New model


Perfect professionalism

The S320TR implements a series of advanced technologies to allow precision control of integrated systems and instruments, including specialised ones. New innovations for conservative dentistry, voice- controlled interaction and NFC devices form the technological heart of the model.

Compact design, lighter key elements, exclusive ergonomic concepts: the S320TR model provides the dental team with an array of benefits. Moreover, the patient chair - with its contemporary lines, independent or synchronised movements and Sliding function - ensures maximum comfort.

Available on any configuration, the advanced hygiene systems have been perfected to offer simple, user-friendly control. Certified disinfection devices and built-in design features minimise risk and provide unprecedented effectiveness.

Interactive LED Pack

As-standard application that makes dental unit design more appealing and provides user- friendly info on the status of the various integrated functions via LEDs. There are several warnings/indicators: their colour provides dentists with a range of useful information, from scaler mode to hygiene cycle progress on the dental unit. During root canal treatment with the apex locator on, the LED ring changes colour, passing from green to yellow to red according to the distance from the apex (this mirrors the on- panel bar colours). After starting the stopwatch, the LED ring is gradually turned off, flashing briefly when the timer expires.

Voice controls

To make interaction between staff and instruments even more agile, the virtual voice assistance system offers numerous workflow improvement opportunities. For example, assistants or dentists can manage the operating light via voice controls. These let users switch on, switch off or select “composite” mode. Speeds up tasks and enhances hygiene as there is no physical contact with the light. If the dental unit is connected to the PC, dentists can interact with the image management software via voice control. This lets them save the images that have just been captured by a camera or X-ray sensor.

NFC connectivity

Instant NFC connectivity to access custom settings. Just bring the silicone bracelet (which can be sanitised) close to the dentist’s module to activate the previously saved work settings (i.e. parameters for instruments, patient chair, operating light, plus interface preferences).

Movement redefined

Before redesigning all the elements of the arm system and Continental module, each aspect of the dentist’s work was carefully examined. Now lighter, with a more compact geometry, the dentist’s module can reach any position with minimal effort. The pneumatic brake - activated and deactivated via the on-handle sensor - allows easy height adjustment. Instrument lever height has been reduced to minimise interference with the light in the work zone.

SideFlex: freedom of movement

Thanks to supple lever joints the instruments follow the dentist fluidly, giving them an ultra-light feel. Balance and effective traction during return can both be adjusted.

Compact and practical

Featuring a modern design that combines a large, easy-to-read display with an ergonomic, easy pick-up instrument layout, the International module provides lightness and easy handling. The new arm system allows dentists to position the module according to their specific needs. The practical handle can be removed to facilitate cleaning.

Full Touch Multimedia

The Full Touch Multimedia panel lets users display X-rays, images and videos. Touchscreen functionality lets dentists scroll through files and enlarge images via the 7” display

Control at your fingertips

The interface provides users with a clear, comprehensive array of information and plenty of scope for customization. New graphics improve the user experience and streamline interaction thanks to simple smartphone-like controls Designed for clinical environments, it is resistant to impact and water and can be positioned to suit your needs. The control panel allows dental unit functions to be upgraded with ease as necessary. The control panel can also be used to customise the LED ring colour and the related activation areas.

i-XS4 FLUO micromotor

Even lighter and quieter, this micromotor is now available with FIT technology to detect composite materials. Allows faster, more precise removal of old composite in teeth that need to be retreated. With orthodontic or aesthetic treatments, bracket removal is simple, safe and effective.

i-XS4 FLUO micromotor

Even lighter and quieter, this micromotor is now available with FIT technology to detect composite materials. Allows faster, more precise removal of old composite in teeth that need to be retreated. With orthodontic or aesthetic treatments, bracket removal is simple, safe and effective.

Apex locator

With the dedicated contra angle, the apex locator allows the apex distance to be displayed during the root canal instrumentation phase. The nearing of the apex is also indicated by warning buzzers. To enhance safety, micromotor rotation is automatically disabled when it is reached. During root canal treatment, the LED ring changes from green to yellow to red according to the distance from the apex, thus mirroring the on-panel bar colours.

EVO E4 contra angle

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra angle can be autoclaved and heat- disinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for endodontic treatment in reciprocating mode and with use of the integrated apex locator. The reciprocating movement of the i-XS4 micromotor, controlled by the pre-installed software, is an added bonus for endodontists.

Perfect integration for implantology

We’ve created a made-to-measure solution for implantologists. Selecting IMPLANT mode turns the Full Touch control panel into a surgery-dedicated interface. Featuring graphics and functions similar to those on the classic display, the interface ensures the same user- friendliness. Implantologists are provided with everything needed to perform treatment, significantly speeding up workflows. Moreover, they can use the brushless micromotor, foot control and peristaltic pump incorporated in the dental unit without the workspace becoming obstructed by stand-alone devices.

EVO R20L contra-angle

The EVO R20L contra-angle, which has a 20:1 gear ratio specifically for surgery, can be autoclaved and heat-disinfected. It features an internal cooling system and external spray, plus LED lighting with an integrated generator. The software allows precise, safe control of speed and micromotor torque values. Maximum torque: 70 Ncm with EVO R20L.

Peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump, controlled via the Full Touch control panel or the i-XS4 micromotor, is integrated into the dentist’s module, eliminating the need for any additional modules or carts around the patient chair.

Torque curves

Torque curve recording function available during treatment. In addition to monitoring the torque delivered by the micromotor, information on the entire curve constitutes a useful clinical tool for subsequent treatment on adjacent or contralateral teeth. The implant tightening torque completes the available data. It is possible (where an integrated camera is available) to view the curve also on the monitor integrated with the unit for an even clearer view during therapy; also an asset during academic and training activities.

Perfect lighting

The new LED light is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lighting. The colour rendering index (CRI) is above 95, allowing ultra-high colour fidelity, and the choice of 3 different colour temperatures enables users to select the right lighting for the specific clinical procedure. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field, from 55 to 85 cm, reduce the need for the dentist to reposition the lamp during treatment. What’s more, “composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite curing.

Targeted lighting, advanced versatility

The Venus LED MCT has a specific setting for every need. There are three different settings, optimised for different circumstances: a 4300K warm light for surgical treatment, a 5000K neutral light for conservative dentistry and a 5500K cool light for realistic colour capture.

Synchronised ergonomics

The patient chair horizontal Sliding movement can be synchronised with backrest movement or executed independently of it. Where synchronised with backrest movement, horizontal sliding minimises any compression or stretching of the patient’s back and provides extra operating space for dentists who work in the 12 o’clock position. Horizontal displacement of the seat sees the dentist gain an equal amount of operating space behind the patient’s head, a considerable advantage where space is at a premium. Moreover, no repositioning of the light is needed to keep the beam over the operating zone. This synchronised movement allows adjustment of the backrest height while keeping the oral cavity under the operating light beam. It also streamlines use of the microscope. An optional sensor located between backrest and seat detects the presence of the patient for the purpose of statistics, processed by the Di.V.A. virtual assistant.

Patient sensor

Where the patient sensor is present, the LED light ring provides info relating to the patient’s entry/exit. Additionally, the sensor contributes to sustainability by automatically setting the device to stand-by a set time after the patient leaves and by activating the automatic operating light switch-on/switch-off mechanism.

Restriction-Free installation

Thanks to the multi-connection concept, it’s possible to maintain the previous dental practice layout even when an existing dental unit is being replaced. When installing the new unit, the already-present floor-mounted connections will be suitable as the Stern Weber model allows for their connection without any need for construction work. Utilities are always covered stylishly and efficiently, thus minimising any structural intervention in the practice.

Memory Foam

Exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options.

Standard backrest

Shaped to provide dental staff with a comfortable approach to the patient during treatment. Suitable for adults, children and all types of treatment.

Nordic backrest

Ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and is shaped to aid dentists working in ‘indirect vision’ mode.

The efficiency and effectiveness of an X-ray diagnosis system in a single treatment area

The integration of a complete system increases diagnostic potential while shortening treatment times. The system features advanced technology, including the X-ray unit with digital wireless handheld controller, an LED monitor with optional touch-screen function and a latest-generation digital sensor. The X-ray image can be shown in mere seconds on both the 22” monitor and the 7” display on the Full Touch control panel.

RXDC - HyperSphere technology

Incorporated on the dental unit, the X-ray unit and handheld control unit require no additional installation points. Thanks to a combination of 30 cm collimation and a 0.4 mm focal spot, parallelism is excellent and images are pin sharp. Locked and unlocked by touch-sensitive pads, the tube head rotates freely around the spherical joint.

Zen-X X-ray sensor

Extractable sensor with USB lead located on the dentist’s module, can capture high-resolution images with minimal radiation dosage. Able to be sanitised, the sensor comes in two different sizes and is IP67 certified against water and dust infiltration.

Macro Cap

Macro Cap can magnify up to 100x in ultra-high resolution. Three additional, high purity glass lenses optimise lighting of details located close to the optical unit.

22” LED Monitor

The Full HD monitor is also available in a multitouch version that allows the screen to be positioned as desired.

C-U2 HD camera

Streams HD images directly to the Full Touch control panel or the integrated monitor. Speeds up diagnostics and generates material for documenting the treatment and completing clinical reports.

The BIOSTER system carries out automatic end-of-session spray water circuit disinfection cycles. Tests performed by the Sapienza University of Rome and the Department of Public Health and Paediatrics of the University of Turin have shown that combining execution of a daily BIOSTER intensive disinfection cycle with use of the W.H.E. system results in the complete absence of bacterial load in the cooling liquids delivered by the instruments.

Unit body design provides for insertion of instruments in integrated holders. This reduces the time needed to start the selected cycle and eliminates the need for other accessories. Furthermore, the disinfectant tank can easily be top-loaded without having to open the hatch or access the dental unit interior.

Hygiene cycle stages (start, contact pause and end of cycle) are immediately highlighted by LED colour changes.

Your talent inspires us

Stern Weber’s DNA is based on the wonders of technology, on enthusiasm for innovation, on the strength of genuine novelty. Rigour and precision are the key aspects of each new product, and the shapes of new design infuse such products with life. We believe in flexible working, in the perfection of true talent, in the importance of concrete steps being made towards true progress. We foresee the future today to guarantee a more innovative tomorrow.