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Multimedia smoothes the way

Immediacy is of fundamental importance: quicker diagnosis, sharing images with patients and convincing them to have the right treatment are all vital. Perfect integration is the key to everything, and the latest version of the Stern Weber multimedia system significantly boosts the potential of diagnostics. High-definition camera, high-frequency X-ray unit, the very latest X-ray sensor – all connected and controlled via the Full Touch control panel. The dentist may control images directly on the touch panel, on a medical monitor or on an external PC – all connected and controlled via the Full Touch control panel.

Full touch multimedia

With the integrated intraoral camera or integrated X-ray sensor, the Full Touch control panel microprocessor supports image management and adjustment of their basic parameters.


Once your patient communication is supported by practical multimedia technology, you will discover the advantages of each single integrated device: a new high performance camera with HD sensor in the 16:9 format and a 22” flat screen LED monitor with IPS technology to optimise image display from any angle. CE 93/42 certified, the Full HD 16:9 monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels comes complete with a lead for connection to the PC. It has a frontal consistency sensor to ensure optimal luminosity parameters that do not change over time.

RXDC Hypersphere

Integrated on the dental unit, the X-ray unit and wireless handheld control unit require no further installation points. X-ray beam parallelism, attained with 30 cm collimation, ensures, together with a focal spot of just 0.4 mm, outstanding images.

C-U2 HD Camera

The C-U2 digital camera with HD sensor provides high-resolution images directly on the Full Touch display or in full-screen mode on the 22” LED monitor. The slim design of the handpiece, with its 9.5 mm tip, enables the operator to reach the distal areas.


Digital sensor with three-layer technology and CMOS receptor available in 2 sizes. Built to last and featuring rounded edges, the sensor can be positioned in the patient’s mouth easily and comfortably. Simple to remove, it can be transferred onto other device-compatible machines.