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RXDC, the user-friendly intra-oral x-ray unit

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The RXDC provides top-drawer imaging with outstanding detail thanks to a constant potential high frequency generator (DC). With a very small focal spot (0.4 mm) it’s possible to obtain sharp images with ultra-high definition.

The RXDC maximises both imaging performance and patient comfort while significantly lowering the X-ray doses he/she is exposed to. Highly versatile and simple to install, the X-ray unit has extruded aluminium arms with an integrated self-balancing system that allows them to be pointed in 4 directions - available in the following lengths: 40, 60 and 90 cm. Thanks also to the protractor with graduated scale, positioning of arms and tube head is stable and easy.



X-VS, Intra-oral sensor for direct USP high definition images

Reduced dimensions and a maximum active area ensure advanced-ray diagnosis, The X-VS is equipped with a sensor, available in two sizes -ergonomic and with smoothed edges - which adapt it to the anatomy of the patient’s oral cavity, guaranteeing outstanding positioning comfort.