Hygiene devices, advanced protection

Stern Weber offers a range of high-tech hygiene devices to suit the most demanding dentists. Each device has a specific role and single settings can be personalised according to preference. Watch this tutorial which takes you through the working day and illustrates how each device works, how effective it is and how and when to use it. Step by step, follow the instructions on how to use the Full Touch control panel to activate each device. Discover how navigating through the integrated systems menu and setting the chosen parameters is both simple and fast.


HD diagnostics and full integration

Perfect integration is the key to everything, and the latest version of the Stern Weber multimedia system significantly boosts the potential of diagnostics. Discover all the advantages of having a fully integrated system including LED monitor, HD camera, digital sensor and 5.7” touchscreen control panel with software to manage image acquisition, viewing and management. Watch this tutorial and you will be guided through each step of the process, including a detailed look at how to use iRYS software to obtain the best results from your Stern Weber equipment.


S380TRC ergonomics and comfort

S380TRC boasts a unique chair full of innovative ergonomic features. Synchronized backrest and leg rest movements, powered retractable footrest: each function is designed to offer outstanding comfort in every position. Watch this short tutorial to appreciate the benefits for both patient and medical staff. See exactly how to reach each position using the high-tech Full Touch control panel.


Reciprocating mode

Reciprocating mode for Endodontics

Reciprocating mode movement allows the use of the special files for endodontic treatment. Watch this video animation to learn about how reciprocating mode works and what steps you need to take on a Stern Weber unit in order to choose the correct settings via the innovative Full Touch control panel.

Apex Locator

Integrated Apex Locator

The apex locator is fully integrated into the unit’s electronics and can be managed simply via the Full Touch control panel. Watch this video to see how to set operating parameters and how to view the positioning of the file in the root canal either on the Full Touch display itself or on an integrated monitor where present.

sterilizzazione- utoclavi

SW and SW-PLUS autoclaves

The new Stern Weber SW 17-PLUS, SW 22-PLUS and SW 28-PLUS sterilisers have been designed to lighten the dental personnel’s daily workload while minimising the impact of manual tasks on general surgery workflows. With the brand new touchscreen display, users have immediate control over functions. Moreover, the system provides a comprehensive series of warning messages to highlight the importance of regular maintenance and so ensure constant high-level performance. Automatisms, optional devices, systems that ensure traceability and dependable safety mechanisms are combined with the first-rate durability and reliability for which Stern Weber products are rightly renowned.

Stern Weber

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